What's New in MCIS Fall 2016

  • Personalized Learning Plan
    • Now features a simplified interface, on-line editing, and full integration with CIS.
    • The Graduation Requirements are now totally customizable.
  • Single-Sign-On Option
    • For schools who use an SIS such as PowerSchool, students can automatically login to MCIS using their PowerSchool Login.
    • Call 406-444-4100 or email mcrn@mt.gov to enable this feature.
  • Accessibility Improvements
    • Enhanced screen reader experience-- including better skip navigation, labeling and identification of tables.
  • Interest Profiler Short Form Assessment
    • Useful for users who are short on time and for younger users
  • Interactive Learning Styles Survey
    • The results of the Learning Styles Survey in MCIS can now be saved into the user’s portfolio.
  • Parchment Transcript Services
    • Users can click a button in the MCIS Application Tracker for easy access to
      Parchment transcript functions. Coming Soon!


Montana Department of Labor & Industry